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07.08.2022 13:37

Lois Dennis & Doris Cooper

Why are you no longer posting your sermons? Also, Mom has not gotten any one calls. We hope that she gets to attend a service on the first weekend of September. Do you make house calls to your elderly

06.06.2022 20:42

Lois Dennis & Doris Cooper

We sure miss watching your sermons on the computer. If possible please continue posting them. Thanks!

19.07.2020 19:37

Doris Cooper & Lois Ann Dennis

Kurt and Ripley First Presbyterian Congregation,
Thanks for continuing to send out the midweek devotions and Sunday sermons. They both mean so much to us. Could you perhaps post the scripture reading?

11.06.2020 21:36


Thanks for the mid week devotion. I have missed them. This one really hit the mark with all that’s going on in our country right now. Thanks

24.05.2020 00:43

Cecil Black

Kurt, Thank You for the midweek devotion. I look forward to seeing you and your family when you arrive in Ripley. Have a safe trip.

15.05.2020 18:26

Lois Dennis

Aha! It was my computer! Fixed and ready to listen again. Mom misses everyone so much! Stay healthy and safe! Love, Doris & Lois Ann

15.05.2020 18:06

Lois Dennis

We have so enjoyed being able to listen to the sermons and mid-week devotions while Mom is staying with me in Bethe. This is the first time we had trouble but we could not hear the Mother's Day sermon

22.04.2020 17:01


Kurt, Thanks for the midweek devotion. Enjoyed it. It was a very timely message.

20.04.2020 10:24

Debbie Leonard

Thanks for the Holy Humor Sunday message. We certainly need it this year more than ever! I had never heard of it until Wayne introduced it to our congregation. I love it.

20.04.2020 05:14

Barry Hauser

Always was fond of Holy Humor Sunday!

19.04.2020 19:59

Doris Cooper

Dear Wayne and Kurt,
Thank you for your uplifting messages. Having this site has been a great comfort to me. Being away from my church has been very hard. I truly miss my church family.

19.04.2020 17:53

Linda Fulton

Thanks for your message. I was trying to conjure one of Ripley's famous bats to buzz you but I guess they weren't listening!!

19.04.2020 00:24

Cecil Black

Kurt Thank You for your midweek devotion.

19.04.2020 00:14

Cecil Black

Wayne Thank You for your Holy Humor message.

11.04.2020 00:25

Cecil Black

Kurt Thank You for the Maundy Thursday Service.

11.04.2020 00:23

Cecil Black

Wayne Thank you for the Maundy Thursday service.

09.04.2020 22:27


Just listened to the Maundy Thursday message. Thank you Kurt. Good sermon. And thank you Wayne for the Communion service. Especially the Lord’s Prayer. You know I love it when you sing. Great job guys

07.04.2020 00:52

Cecil Black

Thanks Kurt for your midweek message.

07.04.2020 00:38

Cecil Black

Wayne Thank You for your message.

29.03.2020 00:15

Cecil Black

Kurt Thank You for your message.

29.03.2020 00:08

Cecil Black

Wayne this is a very good way to worship when we can't be there is person.

27.03.2020 11:10

Margie Sims

Thank you for doing these.

27.03.2020 10:36

Debbie Leonard

Enjoyed the sermons. I feel they can keep us connected even though we cant worship together physically. Thanks Wayne & Kurt

27.03.2020 04:54

Barry Hauser

Great idea! Listened to this during my 3d shift private duty case.