1816  The Presbytery of Chillicothe granted a request to Colonel James a Poage & eight other member to form the First Presbyterian Church under John Ross as the first pastor.

1817  On April 2, 1817 the petition was formally granted.

1818  First Church built facing South

1822  Rev. John Rankin begins ministry at Ripley First

1833  Ripley First starts Dakota Indian Mission

1834  Church building was remodeled and repaired

1844  Ripley Presbyterians divide, with 70 members joining Rev. Rankin to form the Free Presbyterian Church at 3rd and Market Street (current location of the Church of Christ).

1854 Church is rebuilt facing South

1866  Ripley Presbyterians reunite ending Rev. Rankin Ripley Ministry

1867  Present Church is built facing East at a cost of $26, 200

1880  Rev. John Rankin returns to preach farewell sermon

1886  Ripley First purchases Felgemaker pipe organ

1907  Electric is installed in the building

1942  Life magazine features Ripley First choir and organ

1958  Church addition is completed

1961  Felgemaker pipe organ is reconditioned

1967  Church celebrates Sesqui-Centennial

1978  Celebrates Homecoming

1985  Established Poff  Food Pantry serving Ripley and Higginsport

1993  Adele Losh Scholarship Endowment established by Mr. and Mrs. Ted Losh in memory of his daughter Adele

1996  Hosted visit of Presbyterian Moderator,

Marge Carpenter

1999  Extensive renovation of church exterior

2000  Church celebrates John Rankin’s birthday

2005  Renovated sanctuary

2011  New Roof

2013  Complete restoration of the Tyler Fellowship Hall with the addition of air conditioning

2015  Complete renovation of the church addition

2016  Sought and was dismissed from PCUSA and accepted by ECO (Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians)

2017  Celebrated 200 years