Pastor Search and the Hopper Family (Updated 05/17/2020)

The Hopper Family arrived in Ripley on May 30, 2020.  

Many thanks to all you assisted with the unloading and positioning on Sunday afternoon.

He will be commissioned and installed as CLP 2 on June 14, 2020.  

Prayers of Comfort


Ripley First Presbyterian Church extends prayers of comfort to the family and friends of Jo Ann Wagner who passed last week.  She touched many of us during her attendance at worship.


Ripley First Presbyterian Church extends prayers of comfort to the family and friends of Darlene Horn who has passed.  Darlene was the sister of Bonnie Leonard and mother of Ashley Henshen (Leonard).  

Betty Schroth (Updated 04/18/2020)

(This MESSAGE is TODAY 04/18/2020)  Spoke to Betty on the phone and she sounded just GREAT.  She said she was feeling very well, was up walking some, and was hopeful to come home after the COVID-19 restrictions are released.  She thanks everyone for the wonderful cards, calls, and flowers.  Let us continue to keep her in our prayers.  

Let us keep Betty Schroth in our prayers.  She is currently at the Hospice of Hope Care Center.



Hospice of Hope Care Center 

1435 Kenton Point Way

Maysville, KY  41056

Betty also has a cell phone and her number is 937-515-7674

Let Us Use the Phone - 04/05/2020

This is just a reminder, to keep in contact with each other.  Many should have the update Church Directory with updated phone numbers.  Please stay in contact, during this season of absence.


01.04.2020 16:38

Jill Ring

Wayne, thank you for the address. Also your messages and sermons and for keeping us informed. Jill and Charlie

30.03.2020 21:19

Pastor Jayne L. Ruiz

Thanks Pastor Wayne for getting Betty's address to all!

29.03.2020 13:58

Jill Ring

Does anyone know Betty's address so we can send cards?

29.03.2020 16:45

Wayne Reveal

Hospice of Hope Care Center
1435 Kenton Pointe Way
Maysville, KY 41056

28.03.2020 16:59

Debbie Leonard

Kurt and Velinda
Great picture. That definitely moved you to the top of my list. WHO DEY! It was nice to finally see all the kids. Hope to see you all in person soon.