May Meetings

 The Special Congregational Meeting was held after worship on May 17 for the purpose of:

1.  Enter into the Reformation Agreement with ECO, ECO Great Lakes Presbytery, and Ripley First Presbyterian Church including the Terms of Call for Kurtis Robert Hopper

2.  Purchase and remodel a manse at 1101 Elizabeth St. Ripley, Ohio  45167

3.  Seating of two elders representing Ripley First Presbyterian Church on the New Session/Reformation Board

Items 1 and 2 were combined and approved by a unanimous vote of 10 - 0.  

Item 3 was voted on as recommended by the Ripley First Session to have Cecil Black and Barney Daulton serve on the Reformation session.  The floor was opened for nominees from the floor and there were none.  The recommendation of Cecil Black and Barney Daulton was approved by a unanmious vote of 10 - 0.  


June 2, 2020:  Tuesday Toast and Talk, 9:00 am at the Diner.  

June 7, 2020:  Kurt and Velinda Hopper will be received as Covenant Partners and Elders of Ripley First Presbyterian Church during worship.

June 9, 2020:  Session Meeting, 7:00 pm, Tyler Fellowship Hall

June 14:  Kurt Hopper will be commissioned and installed as the new CLP2 of Ripley First Presbyterian Church

June 17:  Mobile Pantry at RUHL High School, volunteers at 9:00 am with distribution from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

June 28, 2020:  Adele Losh Scholarship Sunday